Tuesday, May 08, 2007

DJ Flight at Isobar

DJ Flight

Harry J



Rickard & Tim

Guest MC

Tim & Jet Li

Jet Li & Rickard

DJ Flight played a great drum and bass set at the Isobar recently. I almost didn’t go, it was half eleven, I was sitting at home, a little bit tired but I decided to pick myself up and get my sorry ass out the door. Still, I was glad I went as it was a good night although getting out of bed for work the following morning was sheer hell, especially as my leg muscles were killing me. See kids, let that be a lesson to you all, too much dancing is bad for you!

Coincidentally, I was going to Dublin the following day and bumped into her as she was on the same flight... there’s a very bad pun in there somewhere waiting to get out. Anyway, enjoy the photos. You can find a copy of them and more, in their original state before I abused them on Pat de Butcher’s Flickr account.

DJ Flight Pat de Butcher

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