Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy Birthday 2000AD

2000AD Prog 1522

2000AD is Britain's cult sci-fi comic, and has been at the cutting edge of contemporary pop culture since 1977. It's a multi-award winning cocktail of explosive sci-fi and fantasy, infused with a mean streak of irony and wry black humour. Imaginative, hard-hitting stories and eye-popping art have made 2000AD essential reading for its legion of fiercely loyal fans.

2000AD has been a proving ground for the finest young writers and artists of the generation, and many of the biggest names in comics today honed their skills within its pages. It has become synonymous with the very finest in comics art, and has won the Best British Comic award at the UK Comic Art Awards, National Comics Awards and Eagle Awards too many times to list.

2000AD is 30 years old today and I’ve been reading it since 1977, which is kind of a little bit scary if not downright disturbing.


(This is just one of my favourite recent covers.)


Happy Birthday 2000AD, it must be a pretty good comic if you have been reading it for thirty years.
Yep, must be very good but one would think that one would grow out of such phases.
Betty, I guess it must be. I remember regularly bumming money off my grandmother after mass on a Sunday way back in 1977 (yikes) so that I could run into the shop and buy it and now it just pops into my letter box every week as if by magic.

Donal, I seem to have problems growing out of many phases. On the other hand, you've got to view it as a creative medium, a synthesis between literature and art if you will. In fairness, if you click on the image of the cover and see the full size version of Clint Langley's cover art, I'd be amazed if you weren't impressed by the use of classic ink based illustration methods combined with contemporary photo realistic digital effects... but maybe that's just me?
scary thing I wasn't even born in 1977 Jeez like how old are you!!!
I'm as young as the woman I'm no longer feeling... shit, that is old!
I don't think we should have to grow out of reading comics or playing with toys. Why should kids have all the fun?
CB, don't mind Donal, he's far too conservative for his young years! :-)

Also, I've actually starting that drum and bass mix cd. Don't worry, I'll send you the full tracks on an unmixed cd as well, so don't panic.
Have you been reading the same comic for 30 years? you would really know it well by now. word for word. I used to love AD2000, great artists, Used to like Judge dread too before stalone messed it all up.
Yes indeed, that terribe Dredd film was one of the worst things to happen to 2000AD... however, rumours are rife that a new version is being planned. Let's hope they get it right this time!
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