Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Goldie at the Savoy

Goldie Savoy Cork
Goldie Savoy Cork
Goldie Savoy Cork

Goldie played at the Savoy last Friday, it was the night after the Bodega closing party so I was a bit wrecked and taken completely off guard when one of the door staff shouted after me and wryly told me not to be dancing on tables that evening... different venue, small town, same door staff. :-)

I was too late to see Tone Control playing their support gig and I only caught the end of Source’s warm up set but at least I made it in time for the main man. Sadly, I am a complete drum and bass addict and spent the best part of two hours gracing the floor with my fantabulous moves. Well, someone has to show these young people how to dance proper. On the other hand, I’m getting too old for this and my knees can only take so much punishment. :-)

Goldie played a nice set that went down well with the crowd but I was half deaf by the end of the night, too much bass is bad for you it seems. Anyway, why worry, DJ Deep was probably going to wreck the other half of my hearing the following night, so what the heck!

Goldie Tone Control

(Thanks to Pat de Butcher for the fantastic photos.)

UPDATE: If you're into drum and bass, be sure to check out the next Impact night at An Cruiscín Lán on Saturday 3rd March, check out the cool poster below. Gearoid (FiCTiON) and his buddies do a fantastic job in organising the Impact nights and truly deserve tons of support and respect.

Impact Drum and Bass

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Nice photo of yourself and Goldie. We'll just have to start calling you 'friend to the stars' from now on. :-)
More like 'harasser of the stars' instead! :-)
And you weren't supposed to mention it was me... anonymity and all that!!!
omg! youre real pals with goldie! Did u get up close to his gold teeth?
I heard he has a bit of a cleft palette lisp, so was wondering at that proximity
whether u got a golden shower soaking. did
u rime with goldie?
I dunno if i personally would want to be associated with a drug dealer mind you.
I heard he deals 24 carat ecstacy.
Midas, don't be stupid, obviously I just doctored up that image in PhotoShop. What do you think, like Goldie came up after the gig and said heh, let's get our photo taken... jeez. :-)
Goldie should be honoured that a legend such as yourself deigned to have a photo taken with him.

Sounds like you had a fab night.
*seethes with jealousy*
Well, he kept hassling me for a photo so I eventually gave in... you know yourself, these celebs can be quite insistent. :-)
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