Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Fabio & Jet Li at the Savoy

Jet Li

Fabio, supported by Jet Li, played at The Savoy last Friday and after the full-on-in-your-face intensity of the Pendulum gig (ok, so I was too lazy to put up a post about it :-) a few weeks prior, I was looking forward to another great night of incredible drum and bass musicality and madcap energy sapping dance floor antics. Sadly, the night started badly when Snow Girl decided that studying for exams should be allocated a higher priority than drinking and dancing but a small thing like that wasn’t going to deter me from going to a Fabio gig, besides, Pat da Butcher had ominously warned that he was planning to train his camera on my groovetastic (legend in my own mind :-) dance floor shenanigans so I didn’t want to disappoint.

This time I arrived early enough to catch most of Jet Li’s support set, which was very good. Jet Li usually seems to play too many hardcore tracks for my own personal tastes but this time I really enjoyed his selection, maybe he was just attempting to put us in the mood for Fabio’s upcoming set? Anyways, I had a quick chat with him afterwards, where we both lamented the fact that the Savoy was half-empty, which was a shame given that Fabio is such a high profile drum and bass dj. Also, I was delighted to receive a free copy of a Jet Li drum and bass mix cd, which I have listened to far too many times since. Allegedly, Jet Li was the original brainchild behind the infamous Jungle Republic, which used to be held on Valentia Island of all places, and you can check out his myspace using the link at the end of this post.

Fabio took to the decks promptly after Jet Li and proceeded to play an absolutely gorgeous set of tunes. Fabio is well known and respected in drum and bass circles and hosts a weekly drum and bass show on BBC Radio 1 with Grooverider. I was well pleased with Fabio’s selection of tracks and spent most of the two hours (ouch) dancing. I’ve pleasantly discovered that drum and bass is a pretty good way to forget about your troubles for an hour or two. As well, given the relatively poor turnout, there was plenty of room for dancing although the night did lack the manic yet pleasant bonhomie of the previous Pendulum gig. To be honest, crowd wise it was a strange night and it appeared that the hardcore Cork drum and bass headz were the only ones to have bothered getting out of bed that evening. Everyone else must have been off at Christmas parties like Pat da Butcher, so fortunately no embarrassing pictures were taken - better luck next time suckers! :-)

Fabio Jet Li Drum’n’Bass The Savoy

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