Saturday, October 14, 2006

DJ Cash Money at the Savoy

DJ Cash Money
Girls always like some Cash Money!

Stevie G
Stevie G and Cash Money's MC

DJ Cash Money Where's The Party At
My signed copy of "Where's The Party At?"

The last time DJ Cash Money was in town he played on a Sunday night and as we were a little wrecked we ended up having to leave just as things were livening up, as related in one of my previous posts. Fortunately, he was back again last weekend and this time round he was playing on a Friday night, which meant that we were able to sample the full delights of his show.

As our names had been added to the guest list (oh, how posh), the night started well as it’s always nice to wander in fashionably late, declare that you are on “the list” and toddle in for free, it kind of leaves a warm cheap glow in your pocket. This time round, Cash Money started banging out the tunes from the word go, in stark contrast to the previous gig where he slowly built things up for the first hour or so and then began to get things moving just as we had to leave. However, I would have liked if he had played a few more old school hip hop tunes rather than churning out the crowd pleasers but I suppose it’s hard to please everyone all of the time.

At this point, I’d like to give a mention to the really friendly but kind of freaky guy who came up to us out of the blue and told us that if we’d both dance with him for ten minutes that he’d go away and leave us alone, I think he said his name was Kieran but I’m not sure. Anyway, a pretty surreal bout of dancing ensued with all kinds of freaky vogue like moves, interspersed with quizzical glances between the two of us, both of us worriedly wondering how long it would be before he asked us if we fancied a threesome! Luckily, he was true to his word and once the dancing was done he just wandered off to find his next victims. Oddly enough, for some reason we seem to attract that kind of lunatic fringe attention but it was kind of fun at the time!

Finally, I’d just like to thank Stevie G for introducing me to Cash Money afterwards, who graciously signed my copy of his 1988 album, "Where’s The Party At," which I had brought with me just in case I got the opportunity to get it signed... sad I know but we all have our little foibles. :-)

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Oh, brilliant! Kudos for getting yer vinyl signed
Well to be perfectly honest, thanks to Stevie G, it was the easiest thing ever. Hop on the stage, Stevie does a quick intro, Cash smiles in surprise at the fact that someone actually has that album from all the way back in the day and dutifully signs it. Best I could judge, he was a very nice down to Earth kind of guy and there didn't seem to be any bullshit about him. In fairness, he posed for a few photos without any complaints as well.
Dog on, i went for the quiff rather than the clock. It could of all been so different!
Vanilla Ice said.....

even this site made me anon, that aint nice nice baby :(
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