Friday, July 07, 2006

Quote of the Now and Then!

Shine“She shines so bright that every moment in between lacks lustre.”

(Ok, so it's a shameless case of jumping on the bandwagon here but if simply putting up a quote counts as a post then I’m definitely having some of that. Ya! Of course I’m too frickin’ lazy to think of anything else! :-)


I like the title 'Literature: Quote of the Now and Then'. Certainly more original than 'Quote of the Week'. :-)
Don't worry Betty, I wasn't having a go at the originality of your idea, I'm just pretty sure that if I tried to commit to a "Quote of the Week" as you have done that I would have failed miserably as I am too damn lazy to post a quote each week!

Still, "Quote of the Now and Then" does have a special kind of quirkiness all of its own.

More importantly, you never mentioned whether or not you actually like the fecking quote! Sheesh, women! Sorry, I mean, sheep!
I dig the quote, where's it from? And it's a good idea I might have to steal ;)
The quote is my own, it refers to someone I know.
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