Friday, June 16, 2006

Goodbye Ruby Tuesdays!

Drum and Bass WarfareI met the finest girl of my life that night at gay night... it’s alright, don’t be uptight, that wasn’t a subtle attempt to come out of the closet or anything. No, the reason I started this post with a line from “Bump” by the Fun Lovin’ Criminals is that when I walked into Ruby Tuesdays last night for the latest Impact drum and bass shindig, it was like I had unwittingly stumbled into the middle of gay night at some trendy downtown bar, not that I reckon Cork is big enough to have an uptown downtown divide or anything but I digress.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t that the place was full of young fellas with bleached blonde hair and pink t-shirts frantically snogging each other with wild abandon (my apologies to the wider gay community for my unimaginative use of clichéd stereotypes), it was more to do with the fact that my entrance was met by the synchronised grim-faced glances of around twenty guys doing their level best to evince an aura of nonchalant coolness as they listened to the excellent drum and bass beats that were being spun by some very talented local djs.

Anyway, to make a short story long, I quickly purchased a drink and secreted myself and my shiny new drunknmunky t-shirt down to the back of the bar where I perched myself comfortably upon a stool so that I could relax and enjoy the music. Also, just to show that first impressions can be misleading, a quick bit of market research did reveal that there were actually three women in the bar, which escalated to a giddy five at one stage (two left and four more arrived, do the math :-), which wasn’t bad when you consider that the total number of people in Ruby Tuesdays struggled to pass thirty during the entire evening.

Bass TrooperAnd this, my friends, is the crux of the matter. I couldn’t actually give a damn how many women were there or not as I was primarily there to just hear some decent drum and bass, what upsets me is that in stark contract to the stunning brilliance of previous Impact nights (which you can read about here and see photos of here) this one was a bit of a disaster. Ok, I strongly suspect that the fact that hardly anyone new about the night due to the apparent lack of timely advertising did play a major factor in the very poor turnout but, even so, this new venue is a lot smaller and the fact that not a single person actually danced during the entire evening is a damning enough testament in itself.

Despite all that, I’m going to end with a few positives. First, the music itself was top notch as usual, so all credit to the djs. Also, Ruby Tuesdays is a nice bar and they generally play good music in there, so don’t let my negativity towards this night put you off going there. In addition, there are lot of drum and bass events to look forward to during the coming summer months including Calibre and Grooverider at The Savoy, so be sure to check out the “Things To Do” section on the sidebar. Finally, I managed to get a nice photo of Saint Finbarre’s Cathedral on the way back to the car, so the night wasn’t a complete loss by any means!

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So basically your negativity about the night springs from a lack of space and a total lack of dancing.
No, there was plenty of space, the place was smaller but practically empty as very few turned up.

Given that it was a small bar with hardly anyone there, no one really was brave enough to start the dancing and very few would have joined in anyway.

It was just a non-event really in comparision to the previous nights at the Cruiscin.
There's nothing worse than good music going to waste :(
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