Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Lord of the Dance!

George Patterson Michael Flatley

Now there might be no truth to the rumours that George “Lord of the Dance” Patterson taught Michael “Two Million Taps per Minute” Flatley all of his best moves one summer at an Irish Dancing Festival down in Ballyvourney sometime in the late seventies but surely even the most hardened cynic amongst you would begin to ask serious questions when presented with such stark photographic evidence! Also, one look at George’s fabulous new jacket and it’s easy to see where Michael picked up his penchant for outlandish costumes.

I robbed the above picture of George from Donal’s post about The Roaring Forties gig at The Far Side Bar last Friday evening. By all accounts, it appears to have been a good one and Donal has some more fantastic pictures of the night on his post. Of course, the langer never mentioned that he had found out where The Far Side Bar is actually located just in case any of the rest of us were thinking of going. Oh no, it was all “I don’t know where it is, I probably won’t go” on Friday afternoon, the devious bollox! Ah well, not to worry. Besides, his brother got married yesterday, so here’s hoping that he didn’t make a balls of his best man speech! :-)

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god that made me laugh so much, Im on a diet by the way. I also have a tattoo there too but bigger
Glad to see that you liked it, we aim to please! Haven't seen you lot play now in ages... I'll have to wait until after the summer at this rate!
Glad to see that your doing your bit for Roaring Forties therapy in Cork. I recently turned 43 and suffer from Roaring Forties as well. As soon as I turned 40 my voice got progressively louder until now I just shout. Good knows what I'll be like when im 49. I know the health service offer mouth sound proofing to help reduce the noise and also I've heard of an operation that can be performed. Thanks for bringing this to the public attention.
Kaz, you crazy fecker, is that you doing all of this madness???
Glad u mentioned this tripeman. I have to read my bedtime stories to my kids from downstairs, since they cant sleep with daddy shouting tales of thomas the tank engine derailing at mallow junction in the same room. In fact, i can now sing at the superbowl without a microphone since my Roaring Forty malady is so bad. Im booked in for the operation with Dr Wormius, once he has finished helping an ostrich get over its fear of flying so it can take to the air again with the other migrating ostriches off to Honduras. I bought a cat cushion from Argos which i use over my mouth in public otherwise most ignorant people just thing youre rude or after a fight for shouting. I wont need the cushion after my op so ive autographed it with fairy liquid to add a bit of art, if anyone wants to make an offer. I always wanted to come to Ireland by the way as I love dinosaurs!! I loved Scotland where I went to see the Loch Ness monster, i hope to come and see the Gui Ness monster soon in your lovely Ireland..but theres soo many sightings it could be anywhere. Eddie Irvine when i shared a cell with him in Alcatraz for Noisy Pretzel Eating In Public, said i could see the Gui Ness monster after 2am mostly friday and saturday nights mostly around the city of Cork or Dublin, which makes me think they must still be breeding couples of Gui Ness monsters around. Have you seen any in Cork??
And the hits just keep on coming...
Funny post published on my blog, as per your request.

And no, I wasn't involved in any crazy madness on your site! What crazy madness would that be?
my trousers need a dry clean too, and that shiny face, was that sun tan lotion. is that the real donny osmond by the way. sounds like him. we are at the city hall with Cartoon on 31st, its a charity gig, ticketed. or we are playing the sugar club friday. . we have a new myspace site theroaringforties, have a look also www.theroaringforties will tell you all gigs we are doing.And yeah I shout a lot, its the only way I can fucking hear myself over those noisy bastards i play with. thanks for liking the jacket, Idont care what I wear. I made that out of an old chesterfield sofa.
I think Donal deliberately turned up the colour on that photo to make the jacket stand out more but you'd have to ask him yourself just to be sure.
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