Sunday, April 23, 2006

Blogs: Orange Revolution!

Orange Revolution

In response to Reality Check’s shameless attack on the colour orange, I can no longer remain silent and simply ignore the aspersions cast upon my impeccable taste and my beautiful orange-bedecked blog. Therefore, I ask you to join with me as I attempt to humbly proclaim the goodness that is orange and encourage you all to embrace the tao of orangeness!

Orange is no ordinary colour, unlike the lacklustre pastel blues of the bathroom colour scheme adorning Reality Check’s blog, orange doesn’t cower shyly in some dark far-off corner of the room hoping that no one will notice it. On the contrary, orange is the kind of vibrant colour that runs right up to you, grabs you by the scruff of the neck and eyeballs you at an uncomfortably close range audaciously demanding recognition while simultaneously daring you to even consider looking away for even the briefest of moments!

If like Reality Check you want to fade into the bland mediocrity of the mundane majority then fuck off and adorn yourself with boring pastel blues. However, if you want to muscle your way to the front of the crowd, stand tall and give two fingers to the universe demanding that the bitch gives you the recognition that you so truly deserve then let your inner orangeness shine through and wear it with pride! Who cares if you stand out like some langer with their dick hanging out! Fuck ‘em all, let those other boring pratts know that they’ve been well and truly tangoed! Ya baby!

Now take a few seconds to vote in the blog poll below. The fate of orange lies in your hands...

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So you've finally put your theory to the test! Victory is nigh, you orange-lovin' pastel-hatin' *%(£er! I know of a certain DJ that will join against the orange colour. The forces are gathering...
Somethings not quite right... I sense a great disturbance in the force.
seedless mandarins rule!
you can sit on one of our 30% free black pudding sausages mr pork.
pipped satsumas are welcome in my fruit bowl anytime.
Hmmm, an unexpected twist... if not a little scary!
Our orange juice with and without pulp accounts for 42% of all our fruit juice sales. So Mr Del Monte says Yes. Got to go water my fruit grove...
Well, someone has a lot of time on their hands! :-)

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?
You're really attracting some fruitcases here! The poll is neck and neck at the moment though.
alors, qu'est-ce-que?

Je crois que c'est page es diabolique! Mais bien sur l'orange c'est bien! Oh la la! C'est mon ville bien sur!!! C'est blog es une insulte a les francais!!

Les irlandais sont con no?
Oh my sweet Citrus reticulata....
So many fruit cakes to choose from... but I still can't put my finger on it! :-)
A Clockwork 'Orange': Should Evil Be Sympathized With?
2:43am! I don't know whether to feel privileged or scared! :-)
A 'Chocolate Orange': its not terry's, its mine..
i dont like orange but like the orang utang. Tough question.
Im orange colourblind, and used to see the colour of those Dutch flags at football matches instead, whatever it is. Dr Wormius is sortin me out though.
Glad you retired Frankie. As you were one helluva cheatin' lowlife man.
This is the most sophisticated spam I've come across...
When are you going to announce the winner of your orange poll? Or are you going to leave it run indefinitely until it reaches the result you're looking for? Are you going to change your colour? I think it should be in red anyway. What part of Ireland are you representing anyway???
Heh, you know me well enough to realise that no poll is ever going to make me change the colour of my blog! Also, the logo is in red and white, which is Cork enough for me for now!
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