Friday, March 31, 2006

Asian Dub Foundation Sound System

Asian Dub FoundationThe plan was simple. Pure Cork Boy (yours truly :-), Bat Girl, Rat Girl and V Girl were going to suspend our crusading for an evening (fighting evil is a tireless and thankless job you know) and descend from the skies above the streets of the metropolis that is Cork City to experience the heavenly bouncy goodness of Asian Dub Foundation Sound System at Cyprus Avenue. Of course, like the best made plans, things soon begin to unravel.

Rat Girl (aka Sleepy Girl) decided that she was too tired and was going to stay at home curled up on her couch in her (super hero) pyjamas. Unfortunately, V Girl had planned to go with Sleepy Girl, so you lose one, you lose two! Nevertheless, myself and Bat Girl, who in fairness only originally agreed to go because Rat Girl was going, proceeded to the venue undeterred by the fickle nature of our caped comrades!

There was a nice sized crowd there by the time we arrived, not too big, not too small, and the vibe was quite relaxed yet tinged with an air of excited anticipation. After a few tunes by the warm up band, Aleko, the main attraction was introduced by Bat Girl with the immortal words “Dis is da Asian Dub Foundation! Aieeeee!” Fortunately, the fact that her faux Asian accent and hard man posture were so ridiculously funny meant that her spontaneous and unexpected intro was absolutely hilarious!

After that, the bounciness began in earnest and by the time the night was over we had completed a fly over, done a round up and taken back the power! Not bad for a night’s work I reckon. Eventually, it all proved a little too much for Bat Girl and she insisted on dragging me away from the drum and bass fuelled madness while still in an agitated music induced state of bounciness.

If you were lucky enough to have been at the gig or if you would just like to add your own thoughts, please feel free to leave a comment.

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Aloha, just wondering how Bat Girl came about her name?
Well, if you tell us your name, I'll be more than happy to let you know.
It's quite simple really, she came to the gig wearing a t-shirt with a Batman logo!
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