Thursday, March 30, 2006

DJ Tricky

Drum and Bass Girl Pink HairWhile wondering around town about midnight in search of a Danish pastry, by pure chance I spotted a poster advertising a drum and bass gig in An Cruiscín Lán on the evening before Saint Patrick’s Day, which was tomorrow at the time. These fecking drum and bass heads always leave things to the last minute and it’s incredibly easy to miss the few drum and bass nights that do take place in Cork. At least I found out in time and, let’s face it, what better way to start the Saint Patrick’s Day weekend that with a spot of soothing drum and bass!

The dj for the night was some geezer called DJ Tricky from Manchester and he also brought a few mc’s with him. On top of that, half of the guy’s family came as well and a brief chat with his dad revealed how proud he was of his young fella... altogether now, aaaw!

Things started a bit slow but the last two hours were pure madness and good fun. Unfortunately, due to the late advertising I reckon, there was a relatively poor turnout on the night, which was a bit of a shame. Still, it left more room for tall lunatics like myself to dance around like a nutter and mingle a bit!

On a related topic, my search for a drum and bass girl goes on. If you like drum and bass, if you dance like you haven’t a care in the world and if you can’t get any of your all too boring and sensible friends to go out to a drum and bass night then we’re (probably :-) perfect for each other!

Please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts in relation to any of the above including any applications for the currently vacant position of drum and bass girl - pink hair a plus!

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Poor old PCB. I think you'll have to change your name to

(on quick inspection it's already taken)
Now why was I more or less sure that you were going to come along and say something like that! As I'll be saying to you in person later - you're some langer!
You're advertising for girls on your site? Tut tut, the actions of a desperate man. If it works though, I might just steal the idea off you and instead of just moaning about being single on my blog I might outright ask for dates! (Or would that be too cheap?)

How about changing the name to
Well, it doesn't seem to be working so far!!!
dj tricky plays the cruiscin tomorrow thursday 23rd oct
doors at 8pm 6 euro
give a shout
ps. why did the monkey get lost?
because the JUNGLE IS MASSIVE!!!
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