Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Impact Drum'n'Bass

Impact Drum and BassNext Saturday night sees the return of the Impact Drum'n'Bass night to An Cruiscín Lán. The goodness begins at 10pm and continues on until 2am. Entry is a meagre €6!

Even though I missed the last Impact night, I had the good fortune to make the one before that and I can wholeheartedly testify that satisfaction is most definitely guaranteed. Even if you have never been to a drum and bass night, you owe it to yourself to check it out and for €6 you can’t really go far wrong!

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I swear to God, I must have danced the best part of three hours on Saturday night and right up the front with all of the other head cases. Well, I was off my head on coke, the cola kind that is.

Half the fecking room thought I was on drugs and the other half kept trying to buy drugs from me! Not to mention the crazy but friendly East Europeans, girls with pink hair and pony tails, girls with orange jackets, girls with furry red jackets and girls with furry hats... and the drum and bass was excellent as well!
I dunno, you sound awfully familiar drunken munkey. Are you sure I don’t know you???
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