Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Cork Jazz Big Band

Cork Jazz Big BandI went to see the Cork Jazz Big Band again last night in Cyprus Avenue. This was the second week of their regular Monday night gig and it’s a great excuse for going out so early in the week, which is also a bit of a curse given how fecking tired I am this morning!

The band themselves are a bunch of very talented musicians and they rattled off a string of tunes from the big band era. However, if you like dancing and prefer something lively then this may not be your ideal cup of tea as they tend to play more moody and down tempo pieces. Even so, they are well worth checking out and for a measly €5, how can you go wrong? So stop dithering and be sure to get your butt down to Cyprus Avenue next Monday night. If only they’d start at nine instead of half ten, I mightn’t be so shagging wrecked!

(Thanks to Donal for the picture.)

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