Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Brokeback Mountain

Save a horse... ride a cowboy!Ok, enough is enough! If another woman tells me to go to see Brokeback Mountain, Ang Lee's new film, I'm going to scream (like a woman)! I'm sure it's brilliant and the scenery does look amazing but lets get real here people... it's a gay cowboy film! Me and the rest of my species are too manly (read insecure) to be going into cinema's buying tickets for the gay cowboy film.

Also, I fear that my image of cowboys as an iconic bastion of manliness as impressed upon me during my carefree childhood days would be devastated forever! It’s a far cry from The Hulk I tell ya, Marion Morrison would be turning in his grave! Now I need to saddle up and get out of here before the gay community gets a posse together and runs me out of town...

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Oh but it is manly! That's the whole point of the movie...they love each other, they're tender, but they're still men.

Go see it (is that you screaming like a girl?) it'll be totally worth it. If in doubt, bring a woman with you and then you can tisk loudly and roll your eyes at other cinema goers, implying that you're being dragged against your will!

I look forward to your review!
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