Monday, January 16, 2006


JarheadOver the weekend I saw Jarhead, the new film by Sam Mendes, who previously made Road to Perdition and American Beauty. It follows the day to day lives of a group of Marine recruits from boot camp up to their participation in the first Gulf War. It’s not your typical action war movie and has a more subtle mix of drama, satire and humour. I practically fell off the chair laughing during the scene with the bugle rendition of Stevie Wonder’s Sunshine of my Life but I can’t say any more about that bit without spoiling it!

I’ve always wanted to play a soldier in a film, in all fairness, I’ve already got the haircut! So if any casting director out there needs another body for a war movie then feel free to give me a call! That said, I'd also love to play a Jedi in a Star Wars movie and a part in a Matrix film would be cool...


I don't think they could afford you in all fairness :) Looking forward to seeing this one though.
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