Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Cork Blogs!

Michael CollinsFor those of you that are tired of the misguided anti-Cork sentiments of less enlightened Jackeen bloggers, United Irelander springs to mind for some crazy reason, take comfort in the fact that we Cork bloggers now have our very own haven of sanity in the form of corkblogs.com. (And there was much rejoicing!)

Now you can whittle your time away perusing the undoubtedly sound musings of other like-minded folk, safe in the knowledge that all of them know in their hearts that Cork is in fact the only true capital of Ireland. Yes indeed, for once I find myself in total agreement with United Irelander, if only we could figure out a way to cut off Cork from the rest of the country and create our very own little island paradise!

By the way, as I couldn’t find a Cork Blogs link image, I went and made the following one. Feel free to rob it! Cork Blogs


Poor old Mick Collins, robbed from us by a Corkman!
Oh God please DO cut yourselves off from the rest of the country! That way the rest of us (and by that I mean us Jackeens) could stop PRETENDING that you don't exist down there and make it into a REALITY!

Go on, get the hacksaws out...bye bye Cork! The weather's here, wish you were beautiful!

(You know that was all tongue in cheek right? Don't hunt me down and kill me!)
Alright Lang...just added you to my blogroll there.... http://www.achgohairithe.com/

Keep it Cork
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