Sunday, January 29, 2006


MunichEarlier this evening I saw Munich, Stephen Spielberg's new movie. I have to say that I really enjoyed it and at over two and half hours long it's good value for money, especially when you get in for free! Well, it's not my fault if the nice women at the cinema keep giving me free tickets, in their eyes I'm probably like some kind of poor stray dog or something.

The film itself is an interesting and dramatic mix of politics, history, intrigue and vengence amongst other things. However, by steadfastly refusing to dehumanise the characters on any side, Spielberg essentially gives two fingers to the agendas of Bush and others like him all around the world who are trying to turn us into morons by convincing us that they are the good guys and that we must take out the bad guys (don't worry, they have a list) by any means necessary.

I seem to recall that your predecessors tried the same lark with the Indians, you Texas cowboy! (Hmmm, that should get my on a few CIA and FBI watch lists, they have really cool programs that are watching everything you know!)


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