Saturday, February 18, 2006

Swing 'Til You Die!

The Roaring Forties Swing Til You DieThe Roaring Forties, Cork’s finest and best swing jazz jump jive band, are launching their new CD “Swing ‘Til You Die!” on Friday 3rd March. To celebrate this joyous occasion, the band will be playing at 9pm in Scotts that same evening. So if you enjoy good music and like to dance, this is the place that you need to be. This band has to be seen to be believed and the lead singer, George, will probably tell a few jokes as well for free! What more could you ask for of a night’s entertainment I ask you???

You should be able to get yourself a copy of this fine collection of tunes at Virgin, HMV or Tower Records and you can also buy it from their website. It will have you dancing around the kitchen and will go down a blast at parties so you really can’t lose!

Finally, if you have yet to petition The Late Late Show about giving the band a spot on the telly, be sure to read my previous post on the matter without further delay. Go on, get to it!

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Hi Im just wandering will ye accept a gig hire, Im having my 30th in June and would love a swing band, please let me know either way... thanks!!! :-)
You should check out their website at and they do gigs.

Tell them you want the purecorkboy discount!
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