Monday, February 27, 2006

Brokeback Mountain Revisited!

Brokeback MountainAfter much procrastination, I finally got fed up hearing how fecking fantastic this shagging (oops, bad choice of word there) film was, so I decided that there was only one thing for it - I simply had to go see it for myself. So some or other evening last week (ok, it was Wednesday, jeez, like it matters!), I donned my favourite Stetson, grabbed my big cuddly jacket and bravely ventured out into the wild outdoors in search of a picture house. (Alright, some of that last bit was a lie; it wasn’t my favourite Stetson as I keep that for special occasions.)

I duly purchased my ticket for the gay cowboy movie, notwithstanding the few odd looks I got from yer one behind the counter, probably on account of the hat, and then sought out a spare seat next to the manliest guy I could find, just for a laugh to see if the Stetson would freak him out, given the context and all. Even though he did initially clutch his girlfriend’s arm a little too firmly if you ask me, in fairness he braved it out and didn’t move to another seat. Although I’m pretty sure I detected a flicker of fear in his eyes and a few beads of sweat rolling down his forehead when I offered him one of my Minstrels. Anyway, onto the movie!

Having psychologically prepared myself for a barrage of hardcore gay sex, the abundance of sheep and complete lack of any to-do whatsoever for this first half or hour so was admittedly a little unsettling, while not altogether unwelcome at the same time. Eventually, there was a quick thirty second burst of what could at best be described as very softcore gay action - blink and you’d miss it – and that was as torrid as it got. Ya ok, so there was at least three more minutes of cowboy kissing and hugging during the rest of the film but like I’m thinking, what’s all the fuss about? Indeed, no need for the Legion of Mary to start picketing local screenings or anything. (Reminds me of the time I went see Dogma and had to walk past the protesting Catholics. They were dead impressive, they had placards and everything. But come on, I mean fecking Dogma, these people really need a hobby or something!)

To be honest, the most interesting thing about this film from my own personal perspective was the sheer vast bleakness of Wyoming juxtaposed with the desolate lives of most of the characters in the film. If you’re looking for something light and cheery, dare I suggest that this is not the film for you? That said, I thought it was a reasonably good film even thought I do reckon it would bore most people to tears. Oh yeah, one of the best bits was seeing Anne Hathaway playing a real person instead of a princess or something equally wholesome.

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Oh Jesus trust a man to come up with that! It wasn't about the gayness, it was a love story! If the landscape was the most interesting thing you could see about this film, I pity you, I honestly do!
Thanks for the comment, I just thought that it just wasn't a particularly uplifting love story, almost everybody in the film ended up miserable!!! Even one of the main characters ranted on about how fecking miserable he was with the entire thing towards the end of the film. If this is love then shoot me now!
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