Thursday, March 16, 2006

I'm not dead yet!

Call 911Ok, relax; I’m not dead or anything. Jeez, you don’t put up a post for over two weeks and people get excited! Anyway, just to calm the hordes that regularly visit my blog (heh, there’s at least two, possibly three, of you out there), I would just like to say that I’ve been too busy, too pre-occupied, too damn lazy or whatever gets me off the hook.

While I know I’m going to regret this later, rest assured that I will most definitely add some posts over the coming weekend, that is, of course, after I finish the damn VAT return and a million other things but I live in eternal hope...


Good to see you're back, but where are those posts we (the masses) were promised? Have a load of posts to do myself so can't complain too much.
Hey Vasectomised boy. vasectomy girl here I know rat girl. and as a result i feel compelled to say howdy!!
Thanks for the comment v-girl. However, forget about hiding behind your cloak of anonymity, it's too late, I knows whos you ares!!!

Also, it's beginning to sound like a super hero convention - v-boy, v-girl, rat girl, etc!
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