Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tokyo Project

Tokyo Project

Mark Doyle, who is a God - don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, was the original driving force behind the whole Hed Kandi phenomenon, in my humble opinion at least. Now he has started his own label called Tokyo Project and if his first release, Tokyo Project: The Collection, is anything to go by then we are at the beginning of a whole new era of shiny sunshine goodness! Which is nice, especially considering that I personally feel that Hed Kandi has kind of lost its way of late and also the fact that it has been bought out by the Ministry of Sound doesn’t fill me with encouragement.

Anyway, the good news is that Tokyo Project will be releasing a brand new unmixed 3 CD compilation at the start of May. Just a mere two weeks before my birthday but (*cough*) that’s not a hint or anything... the hints will come closer to the date in question and will be as subtle as a brick!


Does that mean that you don't want a voucher for that masseur in Midleton as your birthday pressie?
Betty, I think I'd prefer a massage from you any day of the week! And now that you know my birthday is coming up...

(File under "Things that will probably get you into trouble if said out loud")
PCB, I think I knows a nympho flatmate who'd prob oblige with a massage with all the trimmings for your birthday!
Hmmm, I suppose I'd be willing to consider all serious offers. That said, if it was you and the nympho, that would be a fabulous birthday present!

(How did a simple post about music sink to this base level...)
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