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Gary BausA gang of us trekked off to Doubletime on Friday night at Cyprus Avenue. Ok, it wasn’t really a proper Doubletime as the next official Doubletime is on Friday 21st April at An Spailpin Fanac, which is going to be a bit of a fecking problem as it clashes with Bob Sinclar at The Savoy and to be quite honest, it’s going to leave me with one hell of a tricky dilemma! Anyway, this gig was really a few bands followed by a mini Doubletime at the end of the night.

When we arrived, some guy with a guitar, whose name I don’t know, was playing on stage but by the time we got a drink and sat down he was more or less finished. Next up was the jazz trio ensemble of Valdeman, Smyth & Baus or, in this particular case, just Valdeman & Baus as Mizz Smyth was nowhere to be found. VSB are always nice to listen to, you can just sit back, relax and chat as their soothing melodies wash all of your troubles away. The final band of the night was a pretty unusual group of musicians, I think they were called The Rhythm Method but I’m not sure. Hmmm, I’m just wondering how in the name of God am I going to adequately describe this bunch of jokers.

Gary BausLet’s see, they had a distinctive reggae thing going on beneath a lot of their music but for almost every second song the lead singer would do some terrible woeful solo that sounded like the lonely wails of some poor dog tied to a tree and left out in the cold for a night. A little cruel perhaps but for the love of God, we were there to dance and ended up practically committing suicide! I swear, if it wasn’t for the congenial company of the cute and classy Bat Girl, the demur yet bodacious Rat Girl, the tantalisingly intriguing V Girl and her scintillatingly seductive sidekick Tall Girl (ok, so originality isn’t my strong point :-), not forgetting the somewhat grumpy Sin Girl (ok, now I’m dead), the celestial Celine (I still need that lawnmower by the way), the dynamic DJ and the snap happy Doc, I think I would have thrown myself out of the nearest window, which would probably have done shag all good as we were only on the first floor. That said, this band did bang out a cracking Johnny Cash number in the middle of their set, which almost made up for the rest of it.

Eventually 1am arrived and Gary started to play the tunes we had all come to hear. Sheer bliss! Everybody danced, everybody smiled and everybody had a good time! An hour later, we were a much happier bunch of people. Then again, that didn’t last long. After being promised tea and biscuits in return for a lift home, Rat Girl’s cupboards turned out to be pretty fecking bare. And no, tea without milk and chocolate made from chili peppers doesn’t even come close!

(Thanks to Donal for the original pictures.)

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What? No tea? I'm glad we didn't go back for the promised tea and biscuits so! By the way, I'm putting up a few photos now from the night. (Apologies for the delay but I have better things to do on a Saturday night!)
What about the congenial company of DOC and DJC? Where are their superhero names? It wasn't just Pure Cork Boy and his harem of women. :)
I didn't want to say anything BTS. I felt it best to let it pass.

btw, google the rhthym method, interesting results!
Hey there was tea...and milk!! Found a packet of biscuits in the press the next morning, which admittedly wasn't much good for the departed Superheroes, but served admirably for my breakfast!
BTW, am a subtle flirt
Well if I wasn't grumpy then I am now!! Nice name you picked for me. Loved the description of the Rhythm Method but I think you were too nice.....they were shockin!! Reading some of the rest of your blogs, loved the Valentines Day one. I am def up for a Singles Day event.
(PS. thanks for the lift home forgot to say it but think I can be excused due to the late hour and bleeding eardrums courtesy of the Rhythm Method...still haven't healed properly....)
Donal, thanks for the photos, the expressions on Gary’s face were ideal for the captions that I added!

Betty, I suppose you’re right, I better modify that post and give them a mention.

Rat Girl, there was no fecking milk and you damn well know it, one drop (literally) doesn’t count! Biscuits for breakfast – yummy! Hmmm, a subtle flirt, yes, that sounds right, it suits you. However, you will have to send us the text that went with it.

Sin Girl, don’t be getting grumpy again, you know we all loves you! As for the lift, you’re welcome. By the way, you should see the picture of the two of us with our tongues sticking out!
Rickard, thanks a million. You hereby qualify as one cool cat. That means you're hip, daddy-o. The bees knees.
--Gary's bro.
Everyone else take note and bask in the modesty of my shadow!
Class review fair play to Gary unreal taste in music-glad he got his Visa problems sorted!
My God! Stevie G into swing jazz music! And the hits just keep on coming...
Nah man i love jazz I'm a huge fan with a sustantial record collection-i dont get to play it out that much but one of my events is a monthly all day music day where i play jazz and soul for the first three or four hours in a relaxing atmosphere. It's great to see Doubletime doing what they have ben doing in the last few years, not enough people apprecitae the roots of all the best music. nice one for covering it too!
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