Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Radio Soulwax

Heineken Green Spheres

The very first Heineken Green Spheres event kicks off in The Savoy in Cork on Tuesday 18th April 2006 with the multi-faceted dance music maestro's Soulwax and their alter ego 2 Many DJs.

"As dance producers they are touched by the hand of God" NME

"Music's latest craze is certainly a twisted one. Some are even calling it bastard pop. How else do you explain Destiny's Child singing Bootylicious over Nirvana's sacred Smells Like Teen Spirit" MTV

The Radio Soulwax tour features the brothers spinning dance discs under their moniker of 2 Many DJs as well as striking the chords on their synthesisers as part of the full live Soulwax line-up.

Tickets are by invitation only and in to be in with a chance of getting an invite for yourself and two of your favorite friends, all you have to do is register on the Heineken Green Spheres website. So what are you waiting for? Do it now! Especially all of you fine lab rats!

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I didn't get allocated a ticket for this event and neither did anyone else that I know, which just pisses me off!

The Savoy is big enough to fit everybody that would want to go this gig on a fecking Tuesday in Cork. Why not just throw open the doors and let people turn up?

Also, what kind of langers send you a text or email so you can log in and get told that you didn't win a ticket! Absolute bollox! All this does is piss off the people that really want to go and I guarantee at least half of the people that won 3 tickets won't even turn up on the night.

Phew! Now I feel better having got that rant off my chest!
Oops! Now that New Girl has sent me one of her spare tickets, I guess I'll have to stop giving out.
And the thick plottens! In the latest twist, I received an allocation of 3 more tickets from the Heineken website over the weekend, which is good news for the Doc and his fine woman. The last ticket is going to Bat Girl. Did I ever mention she's my favourite person... ah sure, no one reads these fecking comments anyways!
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