Friday, May 12, 2006

Tokyo Disco

Tokyo Disco

Tokyo Disco, a 3 CD unmixed compilation of scintillating house tunes compiled by Mark Doyle with shiny brand new cover art by Jason Brooks, was recently released on the Fierce Angels label. For those of you planning to do a spot of shopping over the weekend, this really would be the ideal birthday present for anyone into house music. Not that I can think offhand of anybody with a birthday coming up any time soon or anything...


I tell you what, I'll get the first cd, Betty can get the second and one of the many personas of whoever is spamming your blog can get you the final cd. Sorted!
Its Japanese imperialism! The rising sun, the girls arms the rays grabbing you by music to build the new motorway bridge over the River Kwai and buy shares in Blue Dragon. I bought the cd today, im playing it now...aaarggghhh! Im im turning Japanese...its too late, save im weeaallyy weeallly sowwwyyy sayounaraaaaaaaa
Isnt tokyo full of boxers? I thought the losing boxer got free tickets there, since the ref would say to the boxer knocked-out tkyo? Boxings too violent, kickboxings ok though.
Like Jesus said, "ask and you will receive."

God bless the blogsphere!
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