Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Orange is the Joy!

Joseph Marioni Orange

Today’s Irish Independent includes an article about colours. Given my recent rant about orange, I note with interest that it states that “orange is connected with joy and vitality” and “it combines the vigour of red and the mental clarity of yellow.” So, in a nutshell, like I tried to tell you all, orange is pure goodness!

You can read the full article about colours here but you will probably have to register, which is free but a bit annoying all the same.

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Still not convinced but perhaps the time has come to leave sleeping dogs lie.
So if orange is joy, i wonder if i fake bake tan my wife to a nice orange colour, it will bring joy and happiness into our marriage?

Fecks sake, shes burnt me andouille again..
Ok, I have to say this. Enough with the orange!! It's a colour man, not a way of life! Give it up, stop talking about colours..

Anyway, everyone knows red is the best colour, for Jaysis sake.
Result! Getting a Dub woman to admit that the Cork rebel red is the best colour... who would have thought!
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