Monday, May 29, 2006

Behind Every Great Woman

Behind every great woman is a man checking out her ass

Given my current bout of sheer laziness when it comes to writing anything interesting, this will have to do for the time being.

Still, I reckon it’s kind of true all the same... although feel free to comment otherwise!


Horray, PCB is back...getting mighty bored in the lab waiting for posts...and Betty's not much better either!!
Ya, I've been pretty damn lazy but that Betty is a pure waster! Lots of thing must be distracting her these days...
Disgraceful behaviour MR PCB. Although I must admit to being guilty also. I mean it's just so difficult. Someday though, I'll get around to writing another post.
Yes RC, it is difficult when there are so many great women to check out... oops, I'm in fecking trouble now!
I thought staring at female rumps was a malady, is it not conjunctivitass? Try my eyedrops, if you are particularly bad, i have them available in a 2 litre bottle.
Thanks for the as ever sageful advice Mister Optrex.
Hahaha, very true!

Anyway, it's nice to be admired ;-)
May i ask, without any intended offence, if you may have been parented by a flatulent parent? Just that a fixation with the bottom rather than the breast is often linked to the attention being diverted to the posterior by the parent cracking one out.
Doctor Wormius, I think you're a little guilty of over-anal-ysing the situation.
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