Saturday, September 23, 2006

Doubletime at An Spailpin Fanac

Doubletime DJ Gary
Doubletime Dancers
Doubletime Girl
Doubletime Dancers

I’ve been to Doubletime twice during the last two months. Both times were good fun, the usual carry on, lots of pretty girls in fabulous dresses, DJ Gary doing his wild crazy thing, although lately he’s been stripping down to his vest and I’m not too sure if I approve! That said, the lack of air conditioning upstairs in the Spailpin does mean that it gets really hot.

Of course there was also plenty of mad dancing, look, it’s not like we have a clue of what we’re doing but everyone gives it a go and Doubletime is always a guaranteed good time. Anyway, I’ve ranted on about Doubletime many times in the past, so I’m not going to bore you all about it again this time. Instead, enjoy these few pictures and hopefully they’ll give you an idea of what you’re missing!

Roll on the next Doubletime...

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Boring people and ranting are perfectly ok where letting the good times roll is concerned - don't ever hold back! Just to give another plug for Jessica's swing dance classes, which happen before Doubletime! Try this link for contact details &c., and watch out for workshops at Cork Jazz Festival time. Swing dance is about having fun, so don't expect the belittling attitude you get (in my experience) with some other styles. And while I'm plugging, go and see the bloody Jive Aces tonight, Saturday 23rd, at Soho on the Grand Parade. Allegedly a free gig. I hope there's space to shake yer stuff.
Hey there! Thanks for the headsup on the pics.
You think the kid isn't getting enough attention that he has to start stripping.
Excellent pictures! It sure is hot in there, looking forward to the next one already.
Ah no, this can't be true! The Jive Aces playing in Cork and everyone's frickin' going to see Tom Baxter in the Savoy. Arrrghhhh!!!
Hurray, PCB is back! Was beginning to get worried! Love the photos....was v upset to miss the last Doubletime!
Good pics PCB, nice to see you using the old camera. When is the next doubletime?
Consult my sidebar for all the dates of all the happening events!
just spent the week in uk and what a nice place it is too, played the crown in cricklewood and the 100 club in oxford street, drums courtesy of the jive aces, had a great time at the Grenwich jazz fetival on the thames as guests of the jive acess, not only a fantastic band but also lovely people and our very good friends. essex boys dont you know.
we will be swinging til we die, suggest every one follows suit, best regards to pure cork boy
love from us.
Thanks for the kind words!
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