Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Last Call at the Bodega

Bodega Cork

The Bodega closed last Thursday night, 15th February 2007. Now I have to admit that the Bodega wasn’t a regular haunt of mine but given that the fact that it was closing was a small bit of Cork history in the making and not to mention the fact that there were three fantastic bands and two fine dj's (as you can see from the menu) playing on the night, myself, Betty and Donal decided that we should would get off our butts and make an effort to turn up for the party.

The Roaring Forties started off proceedings and were brilliant as usual but to be honest the sound was terrible during their set, which was pretty ironic because as soon as they finished George, their lead singer, took over the sound engineering duties and obviously worked his magic as the sound was perfect for Arm The Elderly and The Sunbeams, who both played terrific but very different sets.

Sadly, Betty and Donal wimped off shortly after K and C arrived, which was a pity because things really took off afterwards. Once the dj's started playing, a few people hopped onto the bar and started dancing and soon the entire bar counter was full of dancers and then we all started dancing on the tables, which is good fun but kind of tricky at the same time. Loads of people were taking photos and videos but unfortunately the battery in my camera was dead so I didn’t get any! If anyone out there has some, I’d love to see them. Finally, the police arrived at around 2:30am and the door staff eventually threw our sorry asses out onto the street... for the last time ever.

The Roaring Forties Arm The Elderly The Sunbeams

(Thanks to Mozzer for the photo of the menu.)

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Well, they're taking the piss, again. Turns out the people from The Roundy have the licence for the Bodega now and will be keeping it open after all.
I hope Donal and Betty didn't leave cause we arrived!!!
Well, now that you mention it... :-)
Damn right! I could see the glint in your eye anonymous, that you'd start dancing on tables and all that malarky. Down with that kinda stuff.
If I hadn't been up at 6am that morning I might have stayed around for longer. I haven't had a good dance on a table in ages!
you can't beat a good dance on the table, its amazing any time I do it the bouncers throw me out...whats that about!!
Anonymous, I think that might just be your dancing...
Ya, I never have that problem! :-)
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