Monday, March 05, 2007

Drum & Bass Impact at Cruiscín Lán

Drum and Bass Impact Ricky Force
Ricky Force

Drum and Bass Impact Fiction

Drum and Bass Impact
Ricky Force

Drum and Bass Impact
Some nutter trying to dance!

The start of March saw the return of the Impact drum and bass night to the Cruiscín Lán. As the last previous Impact night was way back some time last year, it was nice to see its revival. In fairness, FiCTiON and the rest of the Impact crew do a great job at running it, a thankless task if ever there was one.

As usual, there was a good line-up of djs, some local, some not but all great, although to be honest the dub reggae bit in the middle of the night kind of lost me but heh, that’s just me, it simply wasn’t my kind of thing. Anyway, when all was said and done, it was another great drum and bass escapade, albeit a rather sweaty one as that place badly needs some kind of air conditioning!

If you like drum and bass, check out the next Impact night on the 14th April.

Impact Drum and Bass

Drum and Bass

(Once again, thanks to Pat de Butcher for the photos.)

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Cool photos but who's that "wah" at the end? They obviously let anybody into these things!
Very arty photos!
Donal, I know, complete lack of any kind of standards!

Betty, apologies for my over use of soft focus and lens flares on Pat's photos, just can't help myself.
As a connoisseur of la fruits de la mer, I am intrigued by this Drumn bass you keep referring to. I normally prefer a baked sea bass with fois gras but would love to try this drumn bass you mention. Is this a lake that it comes from Cruiscin Lan?


Rick Stein and Chalkys ghost
I like the artiness of the photos, it makes the whole drum and bass thing look less scary. :-)
Drum and Bass isn't scary, they're all lovely people. Now Rick Stein and his drum bass on the other hand... that's scary!
looked fun, im sorry that i didnt get out to it, lazy, should have, was shy, was partying tho, just not energetic enough to head across town late at night, the street was busy n turned me off going out altogether...nice photos time...
So you're still alive then?
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Nice pics - loving the soft-focus!
Lay off the soft focus. If you want to use my images, then use MY images, not bastardised versions.
So, what's got you all cranky today? :-) Look, feel free to kick my butt on Saturday night at the Impact gig.
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