Friday, July 27, 2007

Dillinja at the Savoy

Dillinja Savoy Cork

Let me preface this by clearly stating that us drum’n’bass headz are lovely people to a man, woman and child and that if you happened to accidentally bring your Gran to one of our regular get-togethers then you could rest assured that she would be greeted with nothing but politeness and good manners from the varied assortment of indigenous and pan-European lovers of musical goodness, of which our motley collective is comprised. I mention this upfront in the hope of assuaging any negative reaction to the fact that on the night the infamous Dillinja, ably supported by the less notorious Jet Li, played at the Savoy ended with all of us being politely handed a refund and escorted to the exit by the local constabulary roughly after about twenty minutes into Dillinja’s set. Never mind, I had a good dance floor workout during Jet Li’s preceding set, although it was a pity that Dillinja didn’t bring the legendary Valve Sound System with him just for a laugh.

Dillinja Valve Sound System

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