Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Vyvienne Long

I’m going to be a complete Grinch here and declare that I think that the whole New Year’s thing is an absolute load of bollox but just to save you all from a tedious rant, I’ll leave that for another day. Looking back on the year that has gone I’ll have to come clean and admit that I was an utterly lazy langer when it came to putting up posts. I kind of got stuck in a music groove and the self-enforced formality of it just sucked the motivation right out of me and, as those of you that know me in real life will be happy to testify, I’m much happier and more prolific when I’m giving out about something!

Speaking of which, have any of you actually ever gotten what you really wanted from Santa? Oh yeah, that’s a picture of Vyvienne Long at the side there, just in case you’re wondering. I saw her play in Cyprus Avenue during the summer and instantly fell in love with her. When she plays and sings, she’s like some kind of feisty kick ass Siren and you can’t help but be impressed yet when she speaks to the audience in between each song she’s like a timid little angel and all you want to do is rush up and just give her a big hug. Unfortunately, I missed her follow up trip to Cork late last year but hopefully she will visit Cork again in 2008.

Anyway, back to that Santa dude. Like seriously, down through the years I’ve been the recipient of some really naff presents from friends, family and relations. It’s like they have a latent talent for buying crap that completely turns me off, you know the kind of present that you hold at arms length from your face while struggling to hide the disgust bubbling behind the cool façade of your best faux “gee thanks, I love it” face. This pisses me off because I like to buy people thoughtful and decent presents and given that I don’t even fucking wear slippers, how anyone could conclude that I need several pairs of zoo animal slippers is pretty much quite beyond me. So when in such a context, Santa is your last hope at getting what you really want, I bloody well expect the bastard to pull out all of the stops and come through for me. In all fairness, how hard can it be to deliver a hot woman with a cello down my fucking chimney!

Santa Claus Vyvienne Long

PS: Pendulum played at the Savoy over Christmas and they were shit. It just had to be said.

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