Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Once Glen Hansard Marketa Irglova

What with all of the recent Oscar fuss surrounding the Irish film “Once” I decided it was time to borrow (ok, steal then!) the dvd of same from the desk of an unsuspecting work colleague, the plan being to watch it that same evening and to return it the following day before they were any the wiser. Stop tutting, as plans go it was a damn good one and it also serendipitously saved me €5 down the local Xtravision.

Glen Hansard’s music wouldn’t really be my cup of tea (calm down Betty, step away from the knife, remember it’s just my ever so humble opinion) and given that half of the fecking movie consists of Glen giving it loads accompanied by his trusty guitar and the wistfully captivating Marketa Irglova, the movie could quite aptly have been titled “Once Glen finishes singing we might have time to squeeze in a bit of the film if we’re lucky!”

Still, for reasons probably best kept to myself, I consider the ginger one a dear friend of mine so I’m not going to be bitchy and I can honestly say that “Once” is a nice, heart warming and charming film best watched while lounging on a couch that you’re sharing with someone you wouldn’t mind kissing.

Finally, am I the only one somewhat unsettled by the fact that Glen and Marketa are now a couple? I mean in all fairness, he’s 38 and she’s 19... ok, you’re right, jealousy is indeed a terrible thing.

Once Glen Hansard Marketa Irglova

PS: Anyone else besides me slightly annoyed by the ending? Although maybe they’re planning a sequel, which would be cool as they would surely have to call it “Twice!”


Don't worry all the knives are safely locked away. :-) I liked the film but I did cringe a little in places due to my low cringe threshold. It is mad that there is such an age gap but I saw them on Ryan Tubridy's Saturday night show recently and they both looked totally smitten. Ryan Tubridy said he had never felt more like a gooseberry in his life!
I saw them on "Other Voices" last week and they seemed like a nice couple but 19 years is a big difference.
Twice? Hmmm. I reckon moreso Once II, Once III, Once IV. You say you were annoyed by the ending, strange as it was my fav bit. Where all those people who worked on it got mentioned and it was like a scrolly effect from bottom to top? I cried with joy.
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